Gruia Gruia
Rotty - Five Units EP featuring a remix from Gruia

Rotty - Five Units (Gruia Remix)

Zingiber Audio - ZNGBRDGTL27

Gruia's remix of Rotty - Five Units.

Remixed by Catalin Postelnicu.

Aesthetic 14 Various Artists featuring the track Privind de Sus by Gruia

Aesthetic 14 VA

Aesthetic Records - AESTHETIC 14

Aesthetic 14 brings together a selection of tracks from four artists, Gruia, Ciphr, Benjamin Joseph and Rodrigo

The A1 track by Gruia, "Privind De Sus" (translating to 'Watching From Above') is the soundtrack to a daydream of watching a busy street from a window above an unknown market in some far-away city.

As the mind wanders carelessly, pieces of the crowded urban soundscape come in and out of focus, from droning traffic and fragments of conversations to the odd whine of a small radio running low on power.

Track A1 - "Privind De Sus" written by Catalin Postelnicu.

Aesthetic 08 by Gruia - Artwork

Aesthetic 08

Aesthetic Records - AESTHETIC08

"Neutron Starlet", the first track on the Aesthetic 08 EP, started out as a jam on the Neutron Synthesizer during a studio session a while back. It went through some overdubs and edits, but some of the happy accidents which were captured during the improvisation can still be heard in the final render.

"Din Eter" centers around an odd yet soothing vocal passage sitting on top of a tense, ethereal ambiance. The words are fragments of a poem by Fiodor Tiutcev, rearranged and mildly distorted as if inadvertently captured from the airwaves on some old forgotten piece of equipment. A distant message from the East.

"Jalea Viului", the B1 track, features bits and pieces of voices both electric and natural hidden alongside the heavy rolling groove. The oscillating effects on the bending choir like vocals coming up on the more intense passages build up a tension well suited for the dance floor.

"Un Vechi Început" started out as an experiment during a recording session a few years back. Having a microphone placed close to the speakers and running the signal through a sampler where the voice could be pitched up and down in real-time resulted in some interesting low fidelity feedback, similar to a tape delay as well as some extreme and unpredictable distortion and destructuring of the sound. Coming back to those recordings some time later resulted in the edit which is "Un Vechi Început".

Written by Catalin Postelnicu.

Some Kind Of Heaven by Gruia - Artwork

Some Kind Of Heaven

Sonet Music - SONET001

For the imprint's initial release Romanian Catalin Postelnicu aka Gruia takes us on a journey to a dystopic sonic plane where delicate soundcapes punctuated by machine like insertions combine a state of bliss with the eerie sensation of an artifical experience.

Written by Catalin Postelnicu @ AudioGate Studio Bucharest.
Distributed by Vinyl Future.