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Remixes and original tracks by Gruia



Kronecker Delta - Step Up GRUIA RemixGruia - Rhea Liti (Original Mix)Gruia - Phoenix (Original Mix)Gruia - Colibri (Original Mix)Gruia - Zanzibar (Original Mix)


Who is Gruia?

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Gruia is the project initiated by Cătălin Postelnicu, a young producer and DJ hailing from Bucharest, Romania. Inclined towards music production and recording since his teens, several encounters with local electronic music talents sparked his curiosity toward abstract beats and melodies. Shortly after, electronic music became his sole purpose and since 2006 he’s been working full time in professional music studios, constantly improving his technique, polishing his sounds and striving to crystallize his own signature sound. His first ‘Phoenix’ EP, received support from the likes of Sasha, Steve Lawler, Marco Carola and many more and the vinyl release of “Nature Calls”, in collaboration with Horatio and Elchinsoul went up to number 6 in the Top 100 Sales Chart.

House music is the name of Gruia’s trade. Whether it’s tech-house or old school grooves, his beats will flow seamlessly and quickly grab your attention. His energy when stepping up to the decks is contagious and his sets are known to fill the floor and get people moving right from the first track. One will often be surprised to hear unusual instruments or melodies throughout the sets, as Gruia likes to keep the crowd on the edge, building tension on the dance floor, but he will never forget the essential: people need to dance, to smile and to go wild.

Having the experience of performances, in clubs as well as private events, both local and abroad, Gruia loves the crowd. He’s played in venues such as Soho (Brussels), La Folié (Tirana) and smaller underground gigs in Bucharest. Currently he’s hosting his own radio show, IN:TENSION, every Sunday evening, online, on Radio DEEA.

With fresh new materials on the upcoming, Gruia develops his music determined to leave a mark in the local and international scene, despite the flood of new (and not always quality) music it’s currently faced with.


Contact Gruia

For all inquiries (booking, remixes, mix & mastering, press, promos etc), please use the form below or send an email to contact [at] gruiamusic [dot] com